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Feel Better By Eliminating The SUGAR Plums This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time for many. You can heal anxiety and depression without prescriptions by balancing your neurotransmitters! Addictions, cravings, sleep, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, focus, neuro-inflammation and chronic exhaustion can all be improved by tweaking the levels between certain neurotransmitters naturally with certain foods and supplements. As we enter "Sugar Season", the time that lasts from Halloween through Easter, remember that sugar feeds Candida (Yeast), cancers, anger, irritability, impulsivity, anxiety and depression. So help your body and mood out by not over doing it with the sugar and add in more protein to balance your glucose levels. Simple carbs and sugars don't provide any nutrition to increase levels of neurotransmitters and cause a rapid loss of the levels you do have so when the levels get depleted you'll crave more poor food choices (or risky behaviors) to raise your dopamine ( and other neurotransmitter) levels so you'll "Feel" better. You can see how quickly the cycle can spiral out of control. Stress eating and the extra holiday pounds don't have to be part of your holiday tradition anymore because you now understand that only nutritious food builds neurotransmitters. So, if you want to FEEL BETTER, then EAT BETTER!

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