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Follow Up Health and Wellness Appointment With Zyto Scan
(1-2 Hours) $150


     This follow up appointment is to evaluate your progress towards your health and wellness goals.


*** We can conduct this appointment in office or do it remotely if you live in another state or don't wish to travel.  If you choose to have the appointment done remotely, then please indicate so in the notes section when you schedule, please provide a mailing address and allow time for me to mail the equipment.  A $200 security deposit is required before equipment will be shipped out to you and promptly refunded when the equipment is returned. Zyto isn't MAC compatible at this time, so please make sure you have access to a PC computer.   Please pay return shipping to return the cradle to me after your appointment.  Additional download directions for Zyto Remote as well as Zoom Video conferencing software are included in the equipment box. 


Please be prepared to give a urine and saliva sample at the beginning of your appointment to help evaluate your system at a cellular level.  In order to get the most accurate results, please be sure to be hydrated and eat a small healthy meal 2 hours prior to giving the urine sample at the beginning of your appointment and for an accurate saliva sample, please do not have anything in your mouth for 30 minutes prior to giving the sample: food, water, gum, mints, etc.

*** Sample cups can be provided to you ahead of time if you prefer to bring in your samples from the night before. 

I don't treat illness and disease; I strengthen the body so it can fight illness and disease.

Sandy Beach
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