Over the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has kept so many of us at home- working, schooling, and staying indoors for the most-part. Under normal circumstances, this could be a welcome break from your daily routine, but this situation has been far from normal. 

With a more sedentary lifestyle, some of us have gained some unwanted and unhealthy weight. And now more than ever, taking good care of our mind and bodies is essential to our overall wellbeing. Excess weight can make it harder for the diaphragm and lungs to expand, which reduces oxygen supply to vital organs. There could also be a risk of bacteria and fungi growing undisturbed in the lungs.

With that said, I would love to challenge you to decide that you’ll come out of this even healthier and fit than ever before! We can use this time to focus more on our own wellbeing and take back our health.

As the weather warms up and more of us begin to venture outdoors for more activity, I am offering a very special offer to join my Body & Mind Evolution Weight Loss Program.  This easy to follow 10-week program will help you get back on track to meet your health and weight loss goals, before Summer. 

-       If you join by Memorial Day, you will receive FOUR FREE MAT SESSIONS along with your purchase, to use as you wish within the next 12-months. 

-       If you need some time to commit, I will offer you TWO FREE MAT SESSIONS, with purchase of this special program, before June 15th!

I hope you will take advantage of this amazing program that will guarantee you will be fit and fabulous!



  • $50 EVOX Perception Reframing Sessions continue through June


  • There's more!  We're offering specially priced discounted gifts certificates for 25% off, only for our loyal customers, that you can apply towards ANY product or service.  *This offer is good through May 31st, 2020.

As always:

Free Ionic Detox and PEMF Mat session with every New Client Appointment.

First Responders & Military always receive $25 off a New Client Appointment.  

Thank you for your service!

We have moved to 1002 Judge Court W. West River, MD 20778 and are so excited to share all the joy and healing that this new location offers with you and your family!  


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