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Winter Specials


Introducing The Body & Mind Evolution Weight Loss Program

6 weeks to a New YOU!  

* Learn why this program is different from other programs that plateau and cause you to regain the weight

* Learn why Dr. Simeon's 40 year research is key to lasting weight loss

* Learn how it resets your set weight point after your weight loss of at least 10% of your body weight 

* Learn why people with inflammation, hypo-thyroid, adrenal dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and a slow metabolism are still very successful with this program 

* Various packages utilize EVOX perception reframing to identify and heal the emotional aspects that are holding your weight loss hostage

* Various packages utilize Far Infrared Sauna to effectively detox your fat cells to release their toxins (No Toxins= No Visceral Fat)

* If you have excess weight that won't budge despite a healthy diet and lifestyle, THIS program is for you! 

Schedule your 1-1 informational session for $15, which will be applied to any package you purchase.

 Don't put off feeling better in your clothes! 



$50 EVOX Sessions Continue through February 2020!

So many clients have taken advantage of the end of 2019 $50 EVOX special that I decided to continue it through February to help as many people as possible combat PTSD, depression, anxiety, low self esteem and self worth and just over all winter blues!  Make an appointment to see what it's all about!  You won't regret it!

As always:

Free Ionic Detox and PEMF Mat session with every New Client Appointment.

First Responders & Military always receive $25 off a New Client Appointment.  

Thank you for your service!