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My Journey Back to Health

Some of you may be wondering why I am switching from a career path that I've always loved for the past 23 years as a classroom teacher, tutor, and Home & Hospital Teacher to holistic health. Back in 2008, I got bit by a tick after an overnight family camping trip in my back yard and developed debilitating Lyme disease with Co-infections of Babesia, Bartonella and Erhlicchea within a week's time. I became so severely sick that I was unable to lift my arms or stand for more than a few seconds without horrendous pain. The pain was constant though it would migrate from joint to joint on my body, on top of the overall intense throbbing throughout my body's nerves. I had bad days and severely bad days, never a break in pain for over 9 months, not even for 5 minutes. I had extreme exhaustion, brain fog, depression and awful nausea which had me stopping on the side of the road multiple times before arriving at my destination. I went from being an active volunteer and fun loving mom of 2 wonderful young boys to feeling like I was 80 and dying.  Even though I pulled the tick off my head and had these symptoms develop within a week's time, I went from doctor to doctor, took blood test after blood test and they all told me it was in my head because my blood work all came back perfect.  I never had the classic “bullseye rash” and only 3 out of 5 bands of the Lyme antibody test were positive, so not enough for a clinical diagnosis. I believe my body was ambushed from the 4 simultaneous co-infections that it couldn't even produce the antibodies to try to fight.  It seems to me the positive 3 bands, classic symptoms and the knowledge of pulling off the tick ought to have gotten me some credibility, but it did not. Prescriptions for antidepressants, pain and nausea were not going to fix the underlying problem!    After 6 months of hell, I finally got in to see a "lyme literate doctor" who could treat me clinically based on my symptoms and provide me lengthy courses of antibiotics to kill the Lyme & other bacteria. Now, because this proven treatment works among the Lyme specialists of the world, yet goes against the inadequate testing and CDC guidelines of only 30 days of Doxycycline, it means you pay high out of pocket prices if you want to get well. She put me on high doses of multiple antibiotics for 2.5 years without breaks. She without a doubt saved my life, but I was still only about 40% better after 2.5 years because we were working AGAINST my immune system instead of WITH it. She was focusing on just killing the bacteria instead of getting my immune system to work again. She never looked for the underlying breakdown(s) in my body that made it possible for the Lyme bacteria and those co-infections to take hold so strongly. They are opportunistic and had a field day in my body! So needless to say, you must fix those breakdowns if you want to truly get better.  I am a researcher by nature and I refused to settle for “somewhat better”. My research led me to see common sense patterns of how the body works and after bringing numerous medical studies to her attention, I decided to finish the journey on my own.  By switching to a more natural approach, I was at 90% improvement within 6 months.  After I stopped fighting my body, and nurtured it, it cooperated and a complete cure was possible. This ignited my passion to learn everything I could about the human body and share with people around me that were still suffering. 

When I was finally well enough to start working again, I became a Home & Hospital high school teacher for local students who had chronic health problems and were too sick to attend school. I provided their entire education course load at their home.  I started noticing similar patterns of sickness, though the diseases and conditions may have different diagnoses.  I was in the position to witness eating and lifestyle habits, family dynamics and stresses and the pieces started clicking into place. I then found a local nutritionist who used Zyto technology in her practice to uncover stressers of all types that are negatively impacting the body, and this was a life changing point for me. I brought friend after friend for scans and sat through many scans and each time I was amazed at the detail you could obtain from each scan and the specificity of what organ and body systems were not functioning efficiently in their body. It was undeniable that it was actually person specific data and not just a scam.  I referred many of my critically sick students to her and it was amazing to see the drastic improvement and watch them be able to return to school full time after being so sick for many years in some cases.  This information is too important and relevant to not share.  It restores lives!

If everyone had access and understanding of this knowledge, I would have stayed a teacher, but I know my entire life and experiences have led me to this point to try to help people unlock good health once again!  I was told over and over again by doctors that once you have Lyme disease, you always have Lyme disease, but I am living proof that you have options.  Throughout my nutrition and functional medicine classes, I have learned of countless conditions that are "incurable" in conventional medicine, yet have very optimistic outcomes with targeted nutrition and supporting the body's natural functions. Again, I don't treat, heal, cure or diagnose any disease, I educate and guide you to make educated choices to bring you closer to better health and wellness. I'd be humbled by the opportunity to assist you in your journey to greater health.   

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