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Far Infrared Sauna Session
30 Minutes: $40; 60 Minutes: $60
Package Deals:
 30 Minute sessions                60 Minute Sessions
               6 Sessions:                 $180                                   $300
              12 Sessions:               $300                                   $540
             18 Sessions:                $400                                   $720
Sessions never expire!
Far Infrared Sauna Sessions in Maryland

A Far Infrared sauna is great for:



Muscle, arthritis and joint Pain Relief

Stress and fatigue reduction

Weight loss and increased metabolism

Immune system support

Improve Skin conditions 

Improve Heart health

Appearance of cellulite

I wanted to offer a safe way for my clients with Autism and Neurological-inflammatory conditions and compromised detoxification pathways to effectively detox heavy metals and toxins causing the neurological-inflammation.  Sweating through your largest organ, the skin, allows your body to bypass the compromised detox pathways thereby making it the ideal way to detox.  


Who should sauna?

Far infrared sauna is great for everyone except when you are sick, have a fever or are pregnant or nursing.


What should you wear in the sauna?

I’d recommend wearing gym clothes in the sauna to soak up sweat and toxins so they won’t sit on your skin only to be reabsorbed.

Please bring 2 towels with you to use to keep the sauna clean.


How long should I sauna?

A typical sauna session lasts 30 minutes.


How to prepare for sauna?

In days leading up to your sauna session, it is important to hydrate so there will be enough water to move the toxins out.  


How to maximize detox?

On the day of your session, taking 1 teaspoon each of Liposomal Glutathione and Liposomal Vit C 1-3 hours before your session and/or exercise or go for a walk to increase toxin removal during your sauna session.

Far Infrared Sauna Sessions in Maryland
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