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Nutrigenomics & Methylation Optimization Consultation with Zyto Scan
(4-5 Hours) $600

Health Nutritionist & Nutrigenomics Consultant in Maryland

     Nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of nutrition on gene expression. We are all uniquely predisposed to various sluggish or overactive gene patterns which may predispose us to acute or chronic conditions such as birth defects or miscarriage, cardiovascular disease, cancers, anxiety and depression, addictions and various nutritional deficiencies which create the catalyst for all autoimmune conditions, ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, mental illness, premature aging, ADHD/ADD, Autism, allergies and asthma, etc.  The great thing is that even if you have many genetic SNP's ( Single-nucleotide polymorphisms), we can boost the nutrients that those specific genes need to either speed them up or slow them down to "turn off" the predisposition and prevent that disease.  We no longer need to be frightened about finding out about our genetic predispositions thinking are hands are tied! Genetics accounts for only about 5% of the disease picture with diet and lifestyle accounting for 95%!  That means you have the control to prevent disease every day by diet and lifestyle!  By taking into account your unique SNP's and any relevant symptoms you are experiencing, we can see "Why" you and your family are prone to high cholesterol or blood pressure, or anxiety or autoimmune diseases. Then once we provide those genes their needed nutrients through certain foods or supplements, you'll watch your numbers come down into ideal range on your next blood work, or you'll feel calmer with less anxiety, sleep better, focus better, feel less stressed, have more energy and less inflammation and immune attack or a combination of the above.  Have you ever wondered why identical twins with the same DNA can sometimes have very different health patterns?  The answer is in their quality of Methylation.  How well a child is methylating determines if they will become autistic after being exposed to various toxins that their body can't effectively process and release, whether a couple will have a healthy child or a complicated pregnancy, a person's risk of getting cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, chronic migraines, food sensitivities, premature gray hair, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, etc. Your SNP's explain why you may react to NSAIDS, wine, certain antibiotics, vaccines, aspirin or birth control pills while your neighbor won't. Diseases are only getting more complicated as we further contaminate our food and water supply each year which degrades our methylation.   Methylation answers the "Why".  Our biochemistries are all different because of our genes, and our environments, both inside and outside of our bodies.  Some people have SNP's in their COMT gene that make it difficult to process estrogens, leading to an increased risk of estrogen positive cancers, they are able to concentrate for long periods of time, which make them great researchers, but along with that gift they have a tougher time with anxiety. These are brilliant people yet are poor test takers!  COMT ++ people often don't like roller coasters or horror movies because they can't break down their epinephrine or adrenaline well and have a higher likelihood of having adrenal fatigue, and chronic migraines.  Sound like yourself or someone you know?  Since COMT ++ people can't break down estrogens well, they are at higher risk of having serious reactions to birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapies and certain antibiotics.   We can speed that COMT gene up to work more efficiently at processing those estrogens with a little bit of it's cofactors, Magnesium & Vitamin B6 during the day and SAMe at night so it functions properly.  Given the right nutrients, your body knows just what to do to heal itself! It is then able to process estrogens more efficiently, reducing estrogen positive cancer risk, reduces anxiety, and helps you fall asleep better.  

 There are many other important genes and SNP's of those genes that do just as many exciting things that the COMT gene does for us.  Knowing your predispositions can be a very useful tool for you and your practitioner as you are able to make wiser health decisions.  You see? There's nothing scary about that!  It's only scary if you don't know and have a bad reaction to a common drug or if your estrogens pile up! 

When you balance your neurotransmitters naturally, by giving those genes the nutrients that they are lacking, we calm the anxiety, depression and insomnia.  We can boost your body's detoxing capabilities and the effect is that you may find that you no longer have allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.   You have the power  to turn on or off these SNP's (genetic predisposition) and enjoy a long healthy life.  Optimizing your methylation is the key!  Since the human genome project was completed in 2003, the field of medicine and health and wellness is changing to a more personalized approach to health. It has to because the research proves "One size doesn't fit all".  The research is there, Is your doctor in the research? It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours for practitioners to learn the principles and a few hours to invest per client interpreting the client's DNA, but it's what it takes to help a client's achieve optimal health.  Isn't it reckless to have this research available and NOT apply it due to time and money constraints?   I passionately encourage you to find a practitioner to help you manage your health that is in this research.  It's the only way to truly get healthy and stay healthy!


*** We can conduct this appointment in office or do it remotely if you live in another state or don't wish to travel.  If you choose to have the appointment done remotely, then please indicate so in the notes section when you schedule, please provide a mailing address and allow time for me to mail the equipment.  A $200 Security deposit is required before the equipment will be shipped out and promptly returned to you once the equipment is returned.  Zyto isn't MAC compatible at this time, so please make sure you have access to a PC computer.   Please pay return shipping to return the cradle to me after your appointment.  Additional download directions for Zyto Remote as well as Zoom Video conferencing software are included in the equipment box. 

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