The Power of Perception: An EVOX Teenage Testimonial

My experience with EVOX Perception Reframing was nothing but positive. EVOX measures the tones in your voice which are represented by underlying perceptions or beliefs. The tone in your voice changes when you talk about something upsetting.

EVOX therapy uses your own voice to create visual maps of your personal perceptions about specific topics like your health, personal relationships, work, or even athletic performance. The voice energy is then transferred into what is called a Perception Index, (or PI.) Throughout my session, the Perception Index gave me a visual image of my perception. I chose to speak about my depression, and work on my feelings about it, which I had been recently diagnosed with.

The way it worked was in a series of short rounds where my voice was recorded speaking about the topic I chose to work on, and then listening to a series of frequencies, binaural beats and tones in music. Each round of the EVOX session helped to focus on cleaning up the extra energy in my voice, helping me to shift my own personal perceptions to more healthier patterns.

Each time I repeated the process in the series, my visual image on the computer showed improvement- or highlighted the areas of my own perception and how they were interpreted. Each time I spoke, it became easier. As the graphing chart showed the areas my voice that I was struggling with internally, I was able to focus on the issue and the solution in my head as the music played.