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Enzymes are the Key to Your Health

Did you know that enzymes are THE key to your health?

What are they and what do they do? Enzymes are in fresh fruits and vegetables and break down the foods so you can absorb the vitamins and minerals in the food you are eating. Without enzymes, you are unable to restock your nutrient reserves and you are essentially heading towards disease and chronic conditions.

Enzymes are destroyed in processed foods so they can stay on the shelves longer without spoiling. The decision to start removing enzymes was a financial decision not a health decision. The problem with our American diet is that we eat so much processed food and very little fruits and vegetables that over time we begin to deplete our reserves and cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are needed by every cell in our body to keep us healthy. So, after your nutrient reserves are depleted, your body can't keep homeostasis any longer and it begins to break down. Chronic conditions start creeping up like IBS and other digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, candida and other chronic infections, high A1C which precludes type 2 diabetes, hardened arteries which leads to cardiac disorders, etc. For every body system to function correctly, every cell must get the nutrients it needs! It's that simple!! Happy cell= Happy Life!

God provides all the nutrition we need to keep our body healthy in the form of wonderful, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, grains and natural healthy fats. When we start tinkering with our food supply, it's like we are back in the Garden of Eden deciding to go off on our own (again). However, now that we understand just how important enzymes are, we learn that we SHOULD eat the apple in this next Garden of Eden!

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